Monday, December 29, 2008


Dictophonic series #3

This is a recording of Impromptulons (bris) from the 20th of December 2005

(The following text is taken from a tour diary, written in a notebook after the show)

"8:01pm Via rehearsal rooms,
We play first. In the complete darkness. Although there is air conditioning, the amount of people inside overwhelm it. The room is quite small, managing to fit 30 people to pack it to capacity. We probably played to around 15 and they clapped... which was good. The room was so intimate it was possible to hear every conversation even when there was music.
Wowsers - Also played to a half capacity room that we didn't realise was half capacity until on/ox played. wowsers were awesome, I enjoy them.
On/ox - Before they start people begin to pile in. James says to the middle of the crowd "we're not ready yet" possibly fretting about the inevitable heat surge. The room fills to capacity, people are squashing in and settling into the most uncomfortable positions and there are still people falling out the door. Having entered slightly earlier than Grant, Chloe and Trent I manage to catch from my inside position a glimpse of their sad faces standing out the door. On/ox begins with the lighting of a cigarette which is the only invitation the crowd needs to follow suit. A few moments later we stand in a dense cloud of tobacco listening to pulsating double drum blasting in the thumping heat. Spectacles fog and sweat beads but it's all absolutely worth it, on/ox are incredible!
Impromptulons - Grant and I hear sound so leave the cool air outside for the room. Impromptulons play to a much smaller crowd that sit on the floor among the band who spread themselves out all over the room. Wow, these guys are amazing. In the darkness you can see the band clicking and fiddling and swaying, building from one another. The sound continues to build with clicks, bass, bongs, strums, screeching thing (it was dark) with their collection of esoteric items, peaking and turning in new directions. James says they're the best in Brisbane."

This recording is surprisingly good for a dictophone bootleg.


Friday, December 26, 2008

french horns

Dictophonic bootleg series #2
This band was one of my absolute favourite bands. everything they had was brilliant, worked marvelously and inspired massive energy even if you didn't move to the music, which was near impossible due to the fact they would sway around carelessly into the crowd like drunks balancing their schooner glasses through a maze. The band sounded like the spirit of melodramatic excess running as fast as it could, bending and winding and crying its eyes out through menacing blackness. Evil though high energy. Unfortunately this is a dictophoned recording and definately sounds like one. It was taken from the summer winds festival in sydney park 2006


le paper dolls

Dictophonic Bootleg series #1

Before I owned digital recording devices I used to record everything on a 10c broken down cassette dictophone. I probably have 50 or so tapes scattered around my place, most of them unmarked. I have connected my tape deck to my computer via the microphone input and have decided to make an attempt at sorting through them and putting the best ones online. My dictophone had no limiter or anything fancy like that so a lot of my bootlegs of really great bands that play really loud are really unuseable...
This recording is of one of my favourite bands, Le paper dolls. A brilliant amateur trio from sydney who apparently wrote all their songs on the bus trip to their first show. This recording contains everything that I remember about a le paper dolls show, shouting backing track songs, long awkward silences, mysterious lyrics, utterly captivating drum/guitar songs falling to pieces... somehow they emerge from the wreckage leaving astonishment. Taken from january of 2006 from a show with Crab smasher and Dance creeps... I don't know if I have bootlegs, If I come across them I'll post them.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

songs by anna vo

A few tracks taken from split release with magnoliaceae (Kat Thaw) available now from this link




Click HERE to download a .rar file of all three or else click song titles to download individually as mp3s.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

folk post

The following are taken from an acoustic Artless Armchair show that began in a park in Wyong. Because to a sudden torrential downpour that saturated everyone, the show was moved to a rehearsal room in fay st. (located somewhere hard to find on the central coast)

Acts billed included James Wiley, The (temperamental) pocket, Happy phlegm (didn't play), Maxwell, (feat. Caiitus), Eclectic dreams (didn't play), Lucia Afarenze, Brod Diamond, Polyfox and the union of the most ghosts (unrecorded) and unbilled sets by Blind Jake and Crab smasher.

At the park: the pocket played in 2 person mode followed by maxwell (recording was too brutally wind damaged to post) Brod Diamond speaking her words and then James Wiley, during the last 10 seconds of this recording you can hear an epic whoosh of rain with people screaming and laughing as they ran for cover.

In the rehearsal room: Crab smasher being almost all in attendance played an impromtu acoustic improv set, Blind jake played some solo garage music followed by more words from Brod Diamond, then Lucia Afarenze! wonderful!! and then polyfox's pop.








Saturday, December 13, 2008

From October

These Recordings are from October 17th at the Croation club in Wickham. Due to the extreme drunken mess I was on the night I forgot that I had them.
They are of Athol, from Newcastle, Ohana, from thirroulengong and Alps from the world... I have a recording that I suspect may be little a... though unfortunately it ends abruptly after 9 minutes with a harsh buzz... I am not sure what happened, it is very mysterious.




Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I woke up face down on a single chair cushion on the cigarette floor among the cigarettes with a dull ache in my tooth and a temporary loss of my whereabouts. I looked at some drawing I was doing on the wall with a marker and silver spray paint the night before, decided i was disappointed in it, got up, staggered around looking for my shoes, found shoes, wrote a nice polite thankyou letter and left...

These recordings are from Yvonne Ruve on a Friday the 5th of December, They are of Tom Selleck who played chilled beats, probably not loud enough, the crowd chatter dominates. Castings, spiritual searchers from sydney and newcastle. Holy balm, Sydney mind winders and Your intestines gutteral screech from sydney/blue mountains/tokyo :)





p.s. I forgot to add the recording of pagan dawn with matthew hopkins to the louie's post a few below... click HERE to download...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

paint bat flies into carrot fields

Free Polyfox and the Union of the Most Ghosts album download!
or else contact the polyfox myspace and get a free cdr if you would prefer, or better yet make one yourself with a printer and a4 paper, it is very easy.

Paintbat flies into carrot fields contains 12 tracks of pop music each one more inoffensive than the last. This release contains drastic reworkings of remembered parts of forgotton songs, alternate versions of old songs and some that are completely new. Created by Nicholas French throughout the months and days of 2008.

click here to download rar file of the entire album or else click track names to download the songs individually as mp3s

+secret track...

Friday, November 21, 2008


Louies is a real nice warehouse space in marrickville. It has LOUIES written in enormousness on the wall and a sticky floor. These recordings are taken from Saturday the 15th of November and are of predominately noise/improv groups. I believed at the time to have recorded bootlegs of everything though upon file inspection it seems that I neglected polyfox and xnobbqx. I was disappointed find that xnobbqx wasn't recorded because they played an amazing set...
ah well ...


ONANI (handsome)

KNITTED ABYSS (warriors)

CHROME DOME (wildmen)

BUM CREEK (2 beards)

PAGAN DAWN and Matthew Hopkins (sorry it's late)

Castings 2006

Dug up an ancient bootleg of Castings playing at Yvonne Ruve on 18/02/2006. The recording is quite rough and noisy but worth checking out if you're a curious castings nut. I know there is a superior recording of this show gathering dust in Senger's vault, hopefully it will surface one day. Supports were Crab Smasher and Alps.
Crab Smasher

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crab Smasher - The Picky Eater

Today we're releasing a new digital exclusive album through the SKY HUT free musics net label. It's called THE PICKY EATER and it features 8 tasty improv jams by CRAB SMASHER, who haven't released anything since the Impossible Monsters EP from October 2007. This is the first to feature Jeff Brown, Nathan Martin, and Marnie Vaughn, who joined the group this year. The band are working on a new physical release for early 2009. These tracks were recorded live at Fay Street to Zoom H4 portable recorder 10/08/2008. The Artwork is by "Dianne T" , who exists somewhere within the vast internet and is a keen scrapbook hobbyist.


1. apples atmosphere 4:45
2. an enormous hypocrite and a horrible husband 4:21
3. ko-ke kokkoh 2:16
4. mothers want brainy babies 6:09
5. questions and answers 3:32
6. very cool bugs 6:07
7. washing dishes 7:33
8. you have a secret admirer 7:11


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Audiopollen Social Club #78

The following bootlegs are taken from Audiopollen, a weekly show held in the Forest Cafe in the West End (Brisbane) It looks like a great big loading dock. Acts included Jamie Hume (well prepared MC, all around delight), Dan Lewis (drone stuff), Muttboy (electronic stuff), Everett True (he sang songs and spoke words), UR (a droning and stringed trio), Crab Smasher (pentagonal power combo), Joel Stern/Tim Olive (strobe light) and Sisters Grimmer (violin and painting) This particular night was curated by Lawrence English (well travelled) I didn't manage to bootleg all the acts though permanent dirt did! check this blog out it is amazing!!


Crab Smasher

Joel Stern/Tim Olive

Sisters Grimmer

Bastard Experimental Music Festival

This was held at the globe theatre in brisbane city fortitude valley 12/09/2008, it was an expensive but well attended well organised well advertised extravaganza of a variety of musics. Bastard Experimental Music Festival included silent partners which played in big band format with the cunt offensive, Ice magik which i don't really remember seeing, no guru a percussive band including Joel Stern and chelsea (ear beard), sugar logic, a nutty free jazzy awesome band which included john porter, mike lynn, nik mayer miller, daiji igarashi, scott & tim mcconnachie, drea ahaa and from memory sarah from blank realm (?). i missed the start. monster zoku onsomb!, an utimate wrestling flying v guitar dance band from outer space, best shit. The tango saloon, vibraphone, accordian, spaghetti western, gypsy, beards and hats brass, everything band, and crab smasher playing a rushed along set which can be heard in the sound guys impatient voice in the recording "guys you've officially got 15 minutes left of your set time...."

Crab Smasher

Sugar Logic

The Tango Saloon

Milton House Show

These are from from a house show held in milton queensland, during crab smashers quick tour of brisbane. It was under the house and included tribal police which I missed because I wasn't there in time, the recording also doesn't exist on permanant dirt this is an amazing blog featuring awesome live recordings from brisbane, it also features some of the same recordings from this post, so go there and download to experience the same show from another angle. Mountain jew turned out to be Joel Stern and Tim Olive (canada, japan?) Hollow earth were replaced with Blank realm who were amazing! Kitchens floor who played a couple of new tracks which are really good. Crabsmasher spazzed out with all their new drummers and shit.

Joel Stern/Tim Olive

unfortunately this is 5 minute recording is full of conversation...

Blank Realm

Kitchens Floor

Crab Smasher

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Anal Discharge - The Last Time

Anal Discharge were a grindcore influenced pop-punk band featuring members of The (Temperamental) Pocket and Crab Smasher. The band existed for about two years before they played this, their final show at Sirens Niteclub Terrigal on 23/05/2008.

intro 1:01
everybody hurts 2:03
raping the bud 0:37
spirit of cockwhore past 0:39
fat black abo 1:50
gash rash 1:11
matilda rose 0:19
xgayx 2:59
beer wench 0:35
women are inferior to men 1:00
less talk, more kill yourself 1:04
the trap door 0:43
smoking rat with the straighty one eighties 1:36
skate or die 1:37
i fucked a feminist 0:39
south bay middle core 1:57
journey to the centre of the earth 4:25


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

serial space

I heard they offered to pay the neighbour to stay in a hotel room so that he wouldnt switch off the power during the show. :) I wonder if he took them up on the offer...? I suppose the power remained on.
These are from a Tuesday night at a space called serial space in surry hills (?) It was a real nice place with broken down pianos and an upstairs area with a table.
Acts included the awesome inappropriate tough guy behaviour playing a captivating and melodious set with the addition of steph from the thaw playing another bass guitar. Brassskulls making loud rumblings from Newcastle. Seaworthy played a gorgeous set from the blue skies in his mind, I could Imagine little birds landing on his shoulder. Antony Milton from New Zealand played a varied and wondrous array of sounds and Birchville cat motel played abrasive and brain singeing noise, I think this was his second last show using that name...

click links to download mp3 files:
brassskulls - 7-10-08 - serial space.mp3
inappropriate tough guy behaviour - 7-10-08 - serial space.mp3
antony milton - 7-10-08 - serial space.mp3
birchville cat motel - 7-10-08 - serial space.mp3
seaworthy - 7-10-08 - serial space.mp3

Friday, October 10, 2008


these are taken from a really small space called sedition which I think runs as a barber shop in darlinghurst. Acts included Orodruin, which I regretfully wasn't there in time for, Inappropriate tough guy behaviour (bass and drum duo from Melbourne), Pagan dawn (otherworldly melodic synth) and a collaborative set by Antony Milton and Campbell Kneale (from New Zealand):
pagan dawn - 6-10-08 - sedition darlinghurst.mp3
inappropriate tough guy behaviour - 6-10-08 - sedition darlinghurst.mp3
antony milton campbell kneale collab - 6-10-08 - sedition darlinghurst.mp3

Thursday, October 9, 2008

moved zine fair show.

A great big carpet was hanging over the front door to the lass o'gowrie to somehow block the sound of a mid afternoon show originally intended for the the t.i.n.a. zine fair. i don't know effective this is, but it couldn't of hurt. Due to a damp park and the threat of rain it was moved.
In contrast to the stress and violence of the night before the day was very relaxing and enjoyable. I enjoyed everything and regretfully neglected to bootleg 'songs'
the line up included brassskulls, the alzheimer blanks, the bowles, dead farmers, songs and castings:
click links to download mp3 files:
brassskulls - 5-10-08 - lass o'gowrie hotel wickham.mp3 (noise dudes)
castings - 5-10-08 - lass o'gowrie hotel wickham.mp3 (noise dudes)
dead farmers - 5-10-08 - lass o'gowrie hotel wickham.mp3 (rock dudes)
the alzheimer blanks - 5-10-08 - lass o'gowrie hotel wickham.mp3 (bent pop dudes)
the bowles - 5-10-08 - lass o'gowrie hotel wickham.mp3 (twisted pop dudes)

this is not part

Due to lazyness I haven't been able to manage updating this in quite some time and as a result have something like 40 bootleg recordings laying around. I plan to gradually upload them over time...

The following are some taken from the this is not part of the tina festival held at the hamilton station hotel in Newcastle.
A bootleg doesn't exist for everything listed in the lineup for various reasons. The night became increasingly tense and erupted with fist fights and urine schooners. A number of bands were unable to play due to excessive stress on time and broken p.a. equipment... or having people in the band under the age of 18. There isn't a bootleg though I want to mention that McClane played an absolutely legendary set plugged into the side of some house up the street.

click links to download mp3 files:
thylacine death rattle - 4-10-08 - hamilton station hotel.mp3
the thaw - 4-10-08 - hamilton station hotel.mp3
mitchell brennan featuring jem and patto - 4-10-08 - hamilton station hotel.mp3
inappropriate tough guy behaviour - 3-10-08 - hamilton station hotel.mp3
grannyfist - 4-10-08 - hamilton station hotel.mp3
go genre everything - 4-10-08 - hamilton station hotel.mp3
crux - 4-10-08 - hamilton station hotel.mp3
anal cum wolf - 4-10-08 - hamilton station hotel.mp3
alps - 3-10-08 - hamilton station hotel.mp3

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nick Senger/Kane Ewin

Direct from the Sky Hut Archives!
The following is a recording of Nick Senger and Kane Ewin of Sydney band
Castings performing a rare duo improv in Newcastle on 13/10/2006.

It was recorded at a heaps fun show at the now defunct Annie Street Warehouse space, which also featured
Crab Smasher, Stature::Statue, and Boys Club.

Download at-

Monday, August 18, 2008

sunday at the annandale

These are from a sunday afternoon-night at the annandale hotel in sydney, I got a bootleg of Inappropriate tough guy behaviour, 2 guys, bass and drums; fucking amazing. Defektro, My hearing is still shot from witnessing this. One guy with a trestle table of pedals and gadgets, some of which exploded with fire; harshing the absolute fuck out of them. Crux, punks from Sydney and Realized, punks from Japan.

click links to download mp3 files.
inappropriate tough guy behaviour
realized (encore)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

toxic lipstick

this is from the last ever spring break at the croation club, toxic lipstick are 2 girls in bear suits singing stuff about ponies and vomit over mad beats, it was pretty great :) and it was invaded by shok the serial pest... that guy that crashed Michael Hutchence's funeral...

graf orlock at the lucky country

descriptions using onomatopoeia:
brassskulls: groooooooaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnn ruuuumble, weird talking...wrrrrrrr
robotosaurus: raxraxraxyity rax aaarrrgh! aaarrrggh! drdrdr raaaarrrgh! (sorry i missed some of start due to wandering around)
graf orlock: 20th century fox theme,rarararara, jurassic park theme, rarararara!
graf orlock

enjoy, if you can think of better descriptions by all means contribute! :)

brassskulls curate spring break

Grant Hunter and Moonmilk performed to a large Croatian club filled with mostly air and few humans. Grant created varied soundscapes with various pieces of electronic equipment, followed by moonmilk who have a name incredibly suited to them, vast horizons of blissful melodious dream noise.

click links to download mp3 files.
grant hunter (part 1)
grant hunter (part 2)

Monday, July 21, 2008

murray st.

Bootlegs from saturday night at a really awesome space on Murray st. in Marrickville. Bands included: Kitchens floor (as described in post below), alps (ditto), circle pit (awesome drunken rock band), pee wee (awesome drunken rock band) and baby coffin (blistering guitar/sax shrill noise that made three quarters of the room walk out)
click links to download mp3 files:
baby coffin
pee wee
circle pit
kitchens floor

Sunday, July 20, 2008


These are from a great friday night at yvonne ruve. Bands included: polyfox and the union of the most ghosts (guitar and casio keyboard pop music), kitchens floor (really infectious and brilliant guitar drum duo), castings (taking you through a journey of inspired tangents), the bowles (great greatness from great), 2779 (scorching headrush music) and an impromptu set by alps (organ drones and sometimes sad and sometimes pretty songs)
click links to download mp3 files...
polyfox and the union of the most ghosts
the bowles
kitchens floor

static age

I only briefly dropped into this... I would've loved to see the whole show... I have bootlegs of aktion unit and embers who were both incredible and you should download them.
aktion unit

all noise newcastle

The following recordings are taken from Kurt's place in Hamilton, a space over the road from the Hamilton station hotel. This poorly attended all noise lineup included from melbourne; aktion unit and default jamerson. They played right after one another so the recordings join together. I amplified the default jamerson set as it was quite a bit softer than aktion unit. From newcastle; brassskulls, crab smasher and drillbit. Crab smasher played their first show with new bass player and drummer debuting the 'new style'
click links to download mp3 files
aktion unit
default jamerson
crab smasher


While in melbourne I recieved some bootleg files recorded live at cat food press in february from the kind people letting us sleep on their lounges: mcmorrow gooding duo, a drum and saxophone free jazz unit and j-lo biafra which is beautiful guitar scapes.
click the links to download mp3 files
j-lo biafra
mcmorrow-gooding duo

Monday, July 7, 2008

melbourne bootlegging

The following are from a friday night in melbourne at a place called forepaw. Forepaw is a small art gallery in melbourne somewhere. These bootlegs are from a more well attended than I'm used to noise show that included a sludging gloomy duo called druid, a rattling sheet of fence metal with broken dancing shards of glass skittering everywhere one piece called oranj punjabi, the bent to death songs of lakes and newcastle trio brassskulls.

Click the links to download mp3 files...
oranj punjabi

These next ones are from a saturday night house show at mark skeltons house in Thornbury? They include bum creek doing a mind bender of a play called snail man, i think someone filmed it also... this file is audio so you will have to imagine rainbow demon phoenixs rising from the complete madness of it all. The throbbing psychedelia of aktion unit, the absolutely punishing miasma of awesome absoluten calfeutrail and brassskulls again. This show was bumped from glitch bar.

click links to download mp3 files.
bum creek
aktion unit
absoluten calfeutrail

Monday, June 23, 2008

winter tragic

winter tragic2

Sunday in Medlow bath. The blue mountains!!, it was freeeeeezing!!
The show was held in a corner shop called akemi and although many bands played i was only able to bootleg a handful due to not being there yet or having left or being in a different room watching something else.
alzheimer blanks
naked on the vague
the night of love
stick stick
taste of teeth

these are in no particular order.
click links to download mp3 files.

Sunday, June 22, 2008



Erskineville again. On saturday night there was a circle performance thing organised by chooch-a-bahn people. Acts included matthew p hopkins with jonathon hochman, the bed wettin’ bad boys, rotted crow and alps of the world, taste of teeth arrived later and joined rotted crow to become rotted teeth or taste of crow.
The show went around in a circle, each act performing a 'song' and stopping for the next in the circle, kinda like later with jools holland without introductions. It all worked out remarkably well until toward the end where it went a bit haywire.
The show was recorded from beginning to end, though the files have been broken into parts for ease of downloading, sorry if the cuts are wrong, toward the end it sort of all flowed into each other. Ideally if you'd like an idea of how the show flowed, download them all.
bed wettin' badboys (1)
rotted crow (1)
matthew p hopkins and jonothan hochman (1)
alps of the world (1)
bed wettin' badboys (2)
rotted crow (2)
matthew p hopkins and jonothan hochman (2)
alps of the world (2)
bed wettin' badboys (3)
rotted crow (3)
matthew p hopkins and jonothan hochman (3)
alps of the world (3)
bed wettin' badboys (4)
rotted crow feat. taste of teeth (4)
matthew p hopkins and jonothan hochman (4)
alps of the world (4)

Files in order of sequence, click links to download mp3 files.

Friday, June 20, 2008

crab smasher


Newcastle noise duo grew beards and played live at the loft youth venue in Newcastle. Nick French gets the first compliment for his great jumper that no-one appreciates.
click link to download mp3 file'
crab smasher

Thursday, June 19, 2008



A raining thursday night in Erskineville. Inside a great big theatre space with huge colourful letters on wheels spelling out GUN HOE, due to noise complaining there wasn't a collaborative set at the end.
all of these are essentially noise bands, I could attempt to describe the noise with intelligent musing, whhoooosh! crrrrkk, drrRR, raarwwr, weeeoooee, shhhhhh, rr, but thats what you get. Click the links to download mp3 files.
knitted abyss (ok, not exactly noise)

Friday, June 13, 2008

rotted crow


This recording is from an impromptu set at the Hamilton station hotel (7-5-08) to replace daighlia from Malaysia who were turned away at the airport. Rotted crow are old grey men (50-60) possibly into witchcraft. They tend to be brutally loud and percussive, using old railway spikes, shards of jagged tin, rusted pipes and dilapidated bicycles.

Follow the link to download mp3 file.

Thursday, June 5, 2008



Live at the Croation club in Wickham (Newcastle). There is a cheap ($2) show on every Thursday night there called Spring break, featuring interesting things.
Orodruin is doom/black/noise, one guy with a stonehenge of practice amps behind him. Blistering harsh evil.
not many people were there. It was raining.
follow the link to download mp3 file.

Sunday, June 1, 2008



A wild party was taking place at the place next door, so it would seem that many of people crammed in the halls mistook the show for another element of their party.

follow the links to download mp3 files.
[the] alzheimer blanks