Friday, June 10, 2011

Recent recordings

Cistern Corrupt at Black Wire, 11-02-2011, excerpt.

Cock Safari at The Croatian Club, 11-06-2010

Jamie Leonarder at the Carriageworks, 26-02-2011, 4 excerpts.

xNoBBQx at Intense Nest in 2007.

Prehistoric Fucking Moron(s) at Black Wire, 24-04-2011.

Pure Word Deafness, at Black Wire, 11-02-2011.

Rev. Kriss Hades at the Carriageworks, 2nd half.

Teen Ax at the Croatian Club, 11-06-2011.

The Verlaines, Annandale Hotel 30-01-2011

DJ Beefcurtains Archive

Vintage scorched Walkman recordings of long forgotten gigs:

The Meat Puppets at the Lansdowne Hotel '92, 6 tracks.

Christbait, from Melbourne, live at the Vic On The park in 1992, 4 selections.

3 Toed Sloth, ex feedtime, recently reformed. Four tracks from a gig at the Evil Star Hotel in Surry Hills '91.

Sabra Cadabra, a diabolical Sabbath covers band, the guitarist was Phoney Iommi and yes he played left handed. This is War Pigs from a gig
at the Evil Star.

Cosmic Psychos, two tracks: Pub at Feathers Crows Nest, and 74 Seconds at Moby Dicks Whale Beach, both in 1991.

Enter The Vortex, Peter 'Dirty' Jones of the Cosmic Psychos with Bones & Brett Ford.

post Gordons band Bailter Space at the Annandale in 1996, At 5 We Drive and Begin.

Killdozer at the Cambridge in Necastle in 1994, Knuckles The Dog and their cover of EMF.

Shellac at the Lansdowne in 1993, four selections.