Thursday, March 12, 2009

Croat. Something like that

These recordings are taken from the Croation Club in Wickham, Newcastle. Umm, it has two bowling greens out the front and people play bowls there.. or bocce. There is a pizza oven and many hens running around.
The show included Inappropriate Tough Guy Behaviour from Melbourne, Athol from Newcastle, and Brassskulls.

ATHOL (look beneath)


thats all.

some melbourne wanderings

These recordings were taken from brassskulls' tour of melbourne in early February, it was a full on tour of noise aside from ITGB who have songs in their noise.
The first show was held at the Pony in Melbourne city somewhere, little something st. you walk upstairs to a sticky red slimy skeleton pony room and get free drink tickets, bands included:

MICROVOM (recording has gone missing, hopefully i can find it)

MARCO FUSINATO (brain stabbing, guitar snapping)

ABSOLUTEN CALFEUTRAIL (the expanding man or terror)

CRYSALIS (sheet metal rattling anger)

BRASSSKULLS (waikiki/the waifs)

The second show was on that unbelievably hot saturday, It was like walking through the oven breath of hell. The show was held in a nice neat little warehouse space called Gulag projects and was fortunately air conditioned, bands included:

SCREWTAPE (apocalype in slow motion)

EBOLA DISCO (street thugs)


BRASSSKULLS (the eagles/chicago)

The third show was an instore at round and round records which is a really sweet record shop... Bands included:


BRASSSKULLS (clean cut dirt wanderers)

I also got some bootlegs from a generator show in King edward park, which included polyfox (unrecorded) oranj punjabi and pure being from queensland.

ORANJ PUNJABI (bliss and saucers)

PURE BEING (colourful tent, colourful mexico)