Friday, November 21, 2008


Louies is a real nice warehouse space in marrickville. It has LOUIES written in enormousness on the wall and a sticky floor. These recordings are taken from Saturday the 15th of November and are of predominately noise/improv groups. I believed at the time to have recorded bootlegs of everything though upon file inspection it seems that I neglected polyfox and xnobbqx. I was disappointed find that xnobbqx wasn't recorded because they played an amazing set...
ah well ...


ONANI (handsome)

KNITTED ABYSS (warriors)

CHROME DOME (wildmen)

BUM CREEK (2 beards)

PAGAN DAWN and Matthew Hopkins (sorry it's late)

Castings 2006

Dug up an ancient bootleg of Castings playing at Yvonne Ruve on 18/02/2006. The recording is quite rough and noisy but worth checking out if you're a curious castings nut. I know there is a superior recording of this show gathering dust in Senger's vault, hopefully it will surface one day. Supports were Crab Smasher and Alps.
Crab Smasher