Friday, June 10, 2011

Recent recordings

Cistern Corrupt at Black Wire, 11-02-2011, excerpt.

Cock Safari at The Croatian Club, 11-06-2010

Jamie Leonarder at the Carriageworks, 26-02-2011, 4 excerpts.

xNoBBQx at Intense Nest in 2007.

Prehistoric Fucking Moron(s) at Black Wire, 24-04-2011.

Pure Word Deafness, at Black Wire, 11-02-2011.

Rev. Kriss Hades at the Carriageworks, 2nd half.

Teen Ax at the Croatian Club, 11-06-2011.

The Verlaines, Annandale Hotel 30-01-2011

DJ Beefcurtains Archive

Vintage scorched Walkman recordings of long forgotten gigs:

The Meat Puppets at the Lansdowne Hotel '92, 6 tracks.

Christbait, from Melbourne, live at the Vic On The park in 1992, 4 selections.

3 Toed Sloth, ex feedtime, recently reformed. Four tracks from a gig at the Evil Star Hotel in Surry Hills '91.

Sabra Cadabra, a diabolical Sabbath covers band, the guitarist was Phoney Iommi and yes he played left handed. This is War Pigs from a gig
at the Evil Star.

Cosmic Psychos, two tracks: Pub at Feathers Crows Nest, and 74 Seconds at Moby Dicks Whale Beach, both in 1991.

Enter The Vortex, Peter 'Dirty' Jones of the Cosmic Psychos with Bones & Brett Ford.

post Gordons band Bailter Space at the Annandale in 1996, At 5 We Drive and Begin.

Killdozer at the Cambridge in Necastle in 1994, Knuckles The Dog and their cover of EMF.

Shellac at the Lansdowne in 1993, four selections.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Hamilton Station HOTEL!

Ah... Friggin. Hamo. Watching true hearts live their power balladeering dreams of my dreams on the karaoke stage. Waiting until a thousand o'clock for diners to finish up their meals and vacate the back room.. drinking not quite schooners of pint priced beers hamo...
This was on Friday night, there was spew ya guts up, rat king, teen ax, walls and useless children In the state of me I only managed to record:

TEEN AX (played for fifteen minutes twenty one)

WALLS (played for eighteen minutes thirty eight)

USELESS CHILDREN (played for ten minutes twenty nine)

Monday, January 3, 2011

new years eve

Hi 2011.
If you were thinking that a good way to start off the new year would be by downloading a bunch of scuzzy house show noise then you might also be thinking that you're lucky to have found yourself here.

Recorded from the bookshelf of the Hearn Organ room on the last day of 2010:

Alps - coming from underneath an undulating bass ocean.

the Mermaids - the idiots that were also morons.

[the] alzheimer blanks - returning from the forest.