Monday, July 21, 2008

murray st.

Bootlegs from saturday night at a really awesome space on Murray st. in Marrickville. Bands included: Kitchens floor (as described in post below), alps (ditto), circle pit (awesome drunken rock band), pee wee (awesome drunken rock band) and baby coffin (blistering guitar/sax shrill noise that made three quarters of the room walk out)
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baby coffin
pee wee
circle pit
kitchens floor

Sunday, July 20, 2008


These are from a great friday night at yvonne ruve. Bands included: polyfox and the union of the most ghosts (guitar and casio keyboard pop music), kitchens floor (really infectious and brilliant guitar drum duo), castings (taking you through a journey of inspired tangents), the bowles (great greatness from great), 2779 (scorching headrush music) and an impromptu set by alps (organ drones and sometimes sad and sometimes pretty songs)
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polyfox and the union of the most ghosts
the bowles
kitchens floor

static age

I only briefly dropped into this... I would've loved to see the whole show... I have bootlegs of aktion unit and embers who were both incredible and you should download them.
aktion unit

all noise newcastle

The following recordings are taken from Kurt's place in Hamilton, a space over the road from the Hamilton station hotel. This poorly attended all noise lineup included from melbourne; aktion unit and default jamerson. They played right after one another so the recordings join together. I amplified the default jamerson set as it was quite a bit softer than aktion unit. From newcastle; brassskulls, crab smasher and drillbit. Crab smasher played their first show with new bass player and drummer debuting the 'new style'
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aktion unit
default jamerson
crab smasher


While in melbourne I recieved some bootleg files recorded live at cat food press in february from the kind people letting us sleep on their lounges: mcmorrow gooding duo, a drum and saxophone free jazz unit and j-lo biafra which is beautiful guitar scapes.
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j-lo biafra
mcmorrow-gooding duo

Monday, July 7, 2008

melbourne bootlegging

The following are from a friday night in melbourne at a place called forepaw. Forepaw is a small art gallery in melbourne somewhere. These bootlegs are from a more well attended than I'm used to noise show that included a sludging gloomy duo called druid, a rattling sheet of fence metal with broken dancing shards of glass skittering everywhere one piece called oranj punjabi, the bent to death songs of lakes and newcastle trio brassskulls.

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oranj punjabi

These next ones are from a saturday night house show at mark skeltons house in Thornbury? They include bum creek doing a mind bender of a play called snail man, i think someone filmed it also... this file is audio so you will have to imagine rainbow demon phoenixs rising from the complete madness of it all. The throbbing psychedelia of aktion unit, the absolutely punishing miasma of awesome absoluten calfeutrail and brassskulls again. This show was bumped from glitch bar.

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bum creek
aktion unit
absoluten calfeutrail