Monday, December 29, 2008


Dictophonic series #3

This is a recording of Impromptulons (bris) from the 20th of December 2005

(The following text is taken from a tour diary, written in a notebook after the show)

"8:01pm Via rehearsal rooms,
We play first. In the complete darkness. Although there is air conditioning, the amount of people inside overwhelm it. The room is quite small, managing to fit 30 people to pack it to capacity. We probably played to around 15 and they clapped... which was good. The room was so intimate it was possible to hear every conversation even when there was music.
Wowsers - Also played to a half capacity room that we didn't realise was half capacity until on/ox played. wowsers were awesome, I enjoy them.
On/ox - Before they start people begin to pile in. James says to the middle of the crowd "we're not ready yet" possibly fretting about the inevitable heat surge. The room fills to capacity, people are squashing in and settling into the most uncomfortable positions and there are still people falling out the door. Having entered slightly earlier than Grant, Chloe and Trent I manage to catch from my inside position a glimpse of their sad faces standing out the door. On/ox begins with the lighting of a cigarette which is the only invitation the crowd needs to follow suit. A few moments later we stand in a dense cloud of tobacco listening to pulsating double drum blasting in the thumping heat. Spectacles fog and sweat beads but it's all absolutely worth it, on/ox are incredible!
Impromptulons - Grant and I hear sound so leave the cool air outside for the room. Impromptulons play to a much smaller crowd that sit on the floor among the band who spread themselves out all over the room. Wow, these guys are amazing. In the darkness you can see the band clicking and fiddling and swaying, building from one another. The sound continues to build with clicks, bass, bongs, strums, screeching thing (it was dark) with their collection of esoteric items, peaking and turning in new directions. James says they're the best in Brisbane."

This recording is surprisingly good for a dictophone bootleg.


Friday, December 26, 2008

french horns

Dictophonic bootleg series #2
This band was one of my absolute favourite bands. everything they had was brilliant, worked marvelously and inspired massive energy even if you didn't move to the music, which was near impossible due to the fact they would sway around carelessly into the crowd like drunks balancing their schooner glasses through a maze. The band sounded like the spirit of melodramatic excess running as fast as it could, bending and winding and crying its eyes out through menacing blackness. Evil though high energy. Unfortunately this is a dictophoned recording and definately sounds like one. It was taken from the summer winds festival in sydney park 2006


le paper dolls

Dictophonic Bootleg series #1

Before I owned digital recording devices I used to record everything on a 10c broken down cassette dictophone. I probably have 50 or so tapes scattered around my place, most of them unmarked. I have connected my tape deck to my computer via the microphone input and have decided to make an attempt at sorting through them and putting the best ones online. My dictophone had no limiter or anything fancy like that so a lot of my bootlegs of really great bands that play really loud are really unuseable...
This recording is of one of my favourite bands, Le paper dolls. A brilliant amateur trio from sydney who apparently wrote all their songs on the bus trip to their first show. This recording contains everything that I remember about a le paper dolls show, shouting backing track songs, long awkward silences, mysterious lyrics, utterly captivating drum/guitar songs falling to pieces... somehow they emerge from the wreckage leaving astonishment. Taken from january of 2006 from a show with Crab smasher and Dance creeps... I don't know if I have bootlegs, If I come across them I'll post them.


Saturday, December 20, 2008

songs by anna vo

A few tracks taken from split release with magnoliaceae (Kat Thaw) available now from this link




Click HERE to download a .rar file of all three or else click song titles to download individually as mp3s.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

folk post

The following are taken from an acoustic Artless Armchair show that began in a park in Wyong. Because to a sudden torrential downpour that saturated everyone, the show was moved to a rehearsal room in fay st. (located somewhere hard to find on the central coast)

Acts billed included James Wiley, The (temperamental) pocket, Happy phlegm (didn't play), Maxwell, (feat. Caiitus), Eclectic dreams (didn't play), Lucia Afarenze, Brod Diamond, Polyfox and the union of the most ghosts (unrecorded) and unbilled sets by Blind Jake and Crab smasher.

At the park: the pocket played in 2 person mode followed by maxwell (recording was too brutally wind damaged to post) Brod Diamond speaking her words and then James Wiley, during the last 10 seconds of this recording you can hear an epic whoosh of rain with people screaming and laughing as they ran for cover.

In the rehearsal room: Crab smasher being almost all in attendance played an impromtu acoustic improv set, Blind jake played some solo garage music followed by more words from Brod Diamond, then Lucia Afarenze! wonderful!! and then polyfox's pop.








Saturday, December 13, 2008

From October

These Recordings are from October 17th at the Croation club in Wickham. Due to the extreme drunken mess I was on the night I forgot that I had them.
They are of Athol, from Newcastle, Ohana, from thirroulengong and Alps from the world... I have a recording that I suspect may be little a... though unfortunately it ends abruptly after 9 minutes with a harsh buzz... I am not sure what happened, it is very mysterious.




Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I woke up face down on a single chair cushion on the cigarette floor among the cigarettes with a dull ache in my tooth and a temporary loss of my whereabouts. I looked at some drawing I was doing on the wall with a marker and silver spray paint the night before, decided i was disappointed in it, got up, staggered around looking for my shoes, found shoes, wrote a nice polite thankyou letter and left...

These recordings are from Yvonne Ruve on a Friday the 5th of December, They are of Tom Selleck who played chilled beats, probably not loud enough, the crowd chatter dominates. Castings, spiritual searchers from sydney and newcastle. Holy balm, Sydney mind winders and Your intestines gutteral screech from sydney/blue mountains/tokyo :)





p.s. I forgot to add the recording of pagan dawn with matthew hopkins to the louie's post a few below... click HERE to download...

Thursday, December 4, 2008

paint bat flies into carrot fields

Free Polyfox and the Union of the Most Ghosts album download!
or else contact the polyfox myspace and get a free cdr if you would prefer, or better yet make one yourself with a printer and a4 paper, it is very easy.

Paintbat flies into carrot fields contains 12 tracks of pop music each one more inoffensive than the last. This release contains drastic reworkings of remembered parts of forgotton songs, alternate versions of old songs and some that are completely new. Created by Nicholas French throughout the months and days of 2008.

click here to download rar file of the entire album or else click track names to download the songs individually as mp3s

+secret track...