Monday, July 21, 2008

murray st.

Bootlegs from saturday night at a really awesome space on Murray st. in Marrickville. Bands included: Kitchens floor (as described in post below), alps (ditto), circle pit (awesome drunken rock band), pee wee (awesome drunken rock band) and baby coffin (blistering guitar/sax shrill noise that made three quarters of the room walk out)
click links to download mp3 files:
baby coffin
pee wee
circle pit
kitchens floor


Kerry said...

Heya French Finally caught up on a few things.Its looking awesome dude keep it up.
"One guy with a stonehenge of practice amps behind him" You're a poet.
See you in the car.

Shaun Prescott said...

yep, amazing blog