Saturday, August 23, 2008

Nick Senger/Kane Ewin

Direct from the Sky Hut Archives!
The following is a recording of Nick Senger and Kane Ewin of Sydney band
Castings performing a rare duo improv in Newcastle on 13/10/2006.

It was recorded at a heaps fun show at the now defunct Annie Street Warehouse space, which also featured
Crab Smasher, Stature::Statue, and Boys Club.

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Monday, August 18, 2008

sunday at the annandale

These are from a sunday afternoon-night at the annandale hotel in sydney, I got a bootleg of Inappropriate tough guy behaviour, 2 guys, bass and drums; fucking amazing. Defektro, My hearing is still shot from witnessing this. One guy with a trestle table of pedals and gadgets, some of which exploded with fire; harshing the absolute fuck out of them. Crux, punks from Sydney and Realized, punks from Japan.

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inappropriate tough guy behaviour
realized (encore)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

toxic lipstick

this is from the last ever spring break at the croation club, toxic lipstick are 2 girls in bear suits singing stuff about ponies and vomit over mad beats, it was pretty great :) and it was invaded by shok the serial pest... that guy that crashed Michael Hutchence's funeral...

graf orlock at the lucky country

descriptions using onomatopoeia:
brassskulls: groooooooaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnn ruuuumble, weird talking...wrrrrrrr
robotosaurus: raxraxraxyity rax aaarrrgh! aaarrrggh! drdrdr raaaarrrgh! (sorry i missed some of start due to wandering around)
graf orlock: 20th century fox theme,rarararara, jurassic park theme, rarararara!
graf orlock

enjoy, if you can think of better descriptions by all means contribute! :)

brassskulls curate spring break

Grant Hunter and Moonmilk performed to a large Croatian club filled with mostly air and few humans. Grant created varied soundscapes with various pieces of electronic equipment, followed by moonmilk who have a name incredibly suited to them, vast horizons of blissful melodious dream noise.

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grant hunter (part 1)
grant hunter (part 2)