Monday, December 29, 2008


Dictophonic series #3

This is a recording of Impromptulons (bris) from the 20th of December 2005

(The following text is taken from a tour diary, written in a notebook after the show)

"8:01pm Via rehearsal rooms,
We play first. In the complete darkness. Although there is air conditioning, the amount of people inside overwhelm it. The room is quite small, managing to fit 30 people to pack it to capacity. We probably played to around 15 and they clapped... which was good. The room was so intimate it was possible to hear every conversation even when there was music.
Wowsers - Also played to a half capacity room that we didn't realise was half capacity until on/ox played. wowsers were awesome, I enjoy them.
On/ox - Before they start people begin to pile in. James says to the middle of the crowd "we're not ready yet" possibly fretting about the inevitable heat surge. The room fills to capacity, people are squashing in and settling into the most uncomfortable positions and there are still people falling out the door. Having entered slightly earlier than Grant, Chloe and Trent I manage to catch from my inside position a glimpse of their sad faces standing out the door. On/ox begins with the lighting of a cigarette which is the only invitation the crowd needs to follow suit. A few moments later we stand in a dense cloud of tobacco listening to pulsating double drum blasting in the thumping heat. Spectacles fog and sweat beads but it's all absolutely worth it, on/ox are incredible!
Impromptulons - Grant and I hear sound so leave the cool air outside for the room. Impromptulons play to a much smaller crowd that sit on the floor among the band who spread themselves out all over the room. Wow, these guys are amazing. In the darkness you can see the band clicking and fiddling and swaying, building from one another. The sound continues to build with clicks, bass, bongs, strums, screeching thing (it was dark) with their collection of esoteric items, peaking and turning in new directions. James says they're the best in Brisbane."

This recording is surprisingly good for a dictophone bootleg.


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