Thursday, December 4, 2008

paint bat flies into carrot fields

Free Polyfox and the Union of the Most Ghosts album download!
or else contact the polyfox myspace and get a free cdr if you would prefer, or better yet make one yourself with a printer and a4 paper, it is very easy.

Paintbat flies into carrot fields contains 12 tracks of pop music each one more inoffensive than the last. This release contains drastic reworkings of remembered parts of forgotton songs, alternate versions of old songs and some that are completely new. Created by Nicholas French throughout the months and days of 2008.

click here to download rar file of the entire album or else click track names to download the songs individually as mp3s

+secret track...


Anonymous said...

Thanks Man, Trev.

marrowmonkey said...

bringz somes on Sunday to Artless plz.