Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I woke up face down on a single chair cushion on the cigarette floor among the cigarettes with a dull ache in my tooth and a temporary loss of my whereabouts. I looked at some drawing I was doing on the wall with a marker and silver spray paint the night before, decided i was disappointed in it, got up, staggered around looking for my shoes, found shoes, wrote a nice polite thankyou letter and left...

These recordings are from Yvonne Ruve on a Friday the 5th of December, They are of Tom Selleck who played chilled beats, probably not loud enough, the crowd chatter dominates. Castings, spiritual searchers from sydney and newcastle. Holy balm, Sydney mind winders and Your intestines gutteral screech from sydney/blue mountains/tokyo :)





p.s. I forgot to add the recording of pagan dawn with matthew hopkins to the louie's post a few below... click HERE to download...

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