Tuesday, October 14, 2008

serial space

I heard they offered to pay the neighbour to stay in a hotel room so that he wouldnt switch off the power during the show. :) I wonder if he took them up on the offer...? I suppose the power remained on.
These are from a Tuesday night at a space called serial space in surry hills (?) It was a real nice place with broken down pianos and an upstairs area with a table.
Acts included the awesome inappropriate tough guy behaviour playing a captivating and melodious set with the addition of steph from the thaw playing another bass guitar. Brassskulls making loud rumblings from Newcastle. Seaworthy played a gorgeous set from the blue skies in his mind, I could Imagine little birds landing on his shoulder. Antony Milton from New Zealand played a varied and wondrous array of sounds and Birchville cat motel played abrasive and brain singeing noise, I think this was his second last show using that name...

click links to download mp3 files:

brassskulls - 7-10-08 - serial space.mp3

inappropriate tough guy behaviour - 7-10-08 - serial space.mp3

antony milton - 7-10-08 - serial space.mp3

birchville cat motel - 7-10-08 - serial space.mp3

seaworthy - 7-10-08 - serial space.mp3

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