Thursday, October 23, 2008

Crab Smasher - The Picky Eater

Today we're releasing a new digital exclusive album through the SKY HUT free musics net label. It's called THE PICKY EATER and it features 8 tasty improv jams by CRAB SMASHER, who haven't released anything since the Impossible Monsters EP from October 2007. This is the first to feature Jeff Brown, Nathan Martin, and Marnie Vaughn, who joined the group this year. The band are working on a new physical release for early 2009. These tracks were recorded live at Fay Street to Zoom H4 portable recorder 10/08/2008. The Artwork is by "Dianne T" , who exists somewhere within the vast internet and is a keen scrapbook hobbyist.


1. apples atmosphere 4:45
2. an enormous hypocrite and a horrible husband 4:21
3. ko-ke kokkoh 2:16
4. mothers want brainy babies 6:09
5. questions and answers 3:32
6. very cool bugs 6:07
7. washing dishes 7:33
8. you have a secret admirer 7:11


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