Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bastard Experimental Music Festival

This was held at the globe theatre in brisbane city fortitude valley 12/09/2008, it was an expensive but well attended well organised well advertised extravaganza of a variety of musics. Bastard Experimental Music Festival included silent partners which played in big band format with the cunt offensive, Ice magik which i don't really remember seeing, no guru a percussive band including Joel Stern and chelsea (ear beard), sugar logic, a nutty free jazzy awesome band which included john porter, mike lynn, nik mayer miller, daiji igarashi, scott & tim mcconnachie, drea ahaa and from memory sarah from blank realm (?). i missed the start. monster zoku onsomb!, an utimate wrestling flying v guitar dance band from outer space, best shit. The tango saloon, vibraphone, accordian, spaghetti western, gypsy, beards and hats brass, everything band, and crab smasher playing a rushed along set which can be heard in the sound guys impatient voice in the recording "guys you've officially got 15 minutes left of your set time...."

Crab Smasher

Sugar Logic

The Tango Saloon

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