Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Milton House Show

These are from from a house show held in milton queensland, during crab smashers quick tour of brisbane. It was under the house and included tribal police which I missed because I wasn't there in time, the recording also doesn't exist on permanant dirt this is an amazing blog featuring awesome live recordings from brisbane, it also features some of the same recordings from this post, so go there and download to experience the same show from another angle. Mountain jew turned out to be Joel Stern and Tim Olive (canada, japan?) Hollow earth were replaced with Blank realm who were amazing! Kitchens floor who played a couple of new tracks which are really good. Crabsmasher spazzed out with all their new drummers and shit.

Joel Stern/Tim Olive

unfortunately this is 5 minute recording is full of conversation...

Blank Realm

Kitchens Floor

Crab Smasher

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