Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Audiopollen Social Club #78

The following bootlegs are taken from Audiopollen, a weekly show held in the Forest Cafe in the West End (Brisbane) It looks like a great big loading dock. Acts included Jamie Hume (well prepared MC, all around delight), Dan Lewis (drone stuff), Muttboy (electronic stuff), Everett True (he sang songs and spoke words), UR (a droning and stringed trio), Crab Smasher (pentagonal power combo), Joel Stern/Tim Olive (strobe light) and Sisters Grimmer (violin and painting) This particular night was curated by Lawrence English (well travelled) I didn't manage to bootleg all the acts though permanent dirt did! check this blog out it is amazing!!


Crab Smasher

Joel Stern/Tim Olive

Sisters Grimmer

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