Monday, December 6, 2010

Starting to blog again / vox cyclops show

Thought I might start doing the blog again. I suppose it's boring reading the details on why a blog isn't getting updated, or in this case didn't get updated for.... well looking back it looks like the last one I personally did was in May 2009. God knows I've skimmed past these kinds of explanations when blog reading, so I'll sum it up in a few words... I haven't really felt like it...
Also If I can muster up the will I will post some of the stuff I have recorded over the last year or so, probably not in nice neat order though... unfortunately I didn't bother to label the recordings and upon re listening to some of them I have found myself unable to identify them.

The following links will lead to live recordings from a show held out the back of vox cyclops in Newcastle,

CISTERN CORRUPT - "It was obvious to me even then that the lama who was now my guide was indeed a good man. The heat was terrible. swaths of mouldy old clothes , swarms of bewildered moths, and hot butter."

NONE MUSIC - "But there were catches: before I had to obey the frightening number of 32 rules of priestly conduct. As a lama, to my horror and dismay , I found the total was 253."

PREHISTORIC FUCKIN' MORON(S) - "The flowing robes wrapped around my stilted legs, moths flapped around as well, for the garments had been stored, and I sneezed and sneezed and sneezed, and added to my further discomfort by spilling hot butter from the lamps over my shaven and suffering pate."

LAKES - "Not long after this I think It may of been 5 or 6 months, there was a sudden terrific gale of wind, with flying clouds of dust and grit. I was on the roof of a storehouse being instructed in how to lay sheet gold to make the roof waterproof."

These recordings are slightly wind damaged in areas, but otherwise sound great, apologies for missing the start of none music. Click the links to download mp3 recordings.

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